4 Reasons to Serve Takeaway Food in Paper Bags Instead of Plastic

Posted on Dec 21 2017 - 7:15pm by Susan

If you serve takeaway food, you need to provide bags in which to carry it. Too many eateries are sticking with the cheap single-use plastic bag, which is a shame since paper bags are really far more advantageous.

Here are just four reasons to opt for paper over plastic.

  1. Reduced Moisture Retention

One of the problems with plastic bags is that they are completely waterproof. That might sound like an advantage, but paper bags are just as effective at keeping the rain off unless you’re experiencing a sudden downpour. More importantly, paper bags allow your food to breathe. If you’re providing something hot, the inside of a plastic bag can fill with moisture, and that can negatively affect the food itself. Far better to pack it in paper.

  1. Eco-Friendly Appeal

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to appear eco-friendly, especially businesses that are very customer-focused. If you’re providing takeaway food, you’re almost certainly going to be giving out hundreds of bags each day, so the environmental impact of using plastic really starts to stack up in all the wrong ways. Paper is easy to recycle, so you can use paper bags without having to worry about your environmental footprint.

  1. Stronger Branding

Marketing is always going to be important. Every bag needs to act as a little billboard to advertise your business to passers-by – if you get it right, using the right bags can bring in a lot of business. Plastic bags can be branded, but not as well as paper bags. Paper provides a better canvas for more vibrant designs, and it doesn’t wrinkle up like plastic to obscure what’s printed on it.

  1. Robust Shape

If a bag retains its shape instead of crinkling, people will be better able to see your branding. Of course, that isn’t the only benefit. Paper bags are great for food because they don’t crush it all together, which can be an all too common problem with plastic bags. You want your food to arrive at the table looking its best, so it only makes sense to opt for paper.