4 Tips For Encouraging Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Posted on Feb 12 2018 - 10:29pm by Susan

When it comes to creating healthy eating habits, the lessons start as early as childhood. As parents, it’s important to show our children what healthy eating means and how to make the best possible choices.

Kids who aren’t given a positive introduction to how to eat well and what the best choices are for their overall health are more prone to obesity and may even develop eating disorders. Rather than risking this happening your children, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure that they know how to make smart nutritional choices.

Here are some of the best ways to encourage healthy eating habits for your little ones that will last them a lifetime.

Lead By Example

It can be easy to spew out information to your kids and opinions of what you think is best. However, if you dont put these lessons into practice yourself, they will soon start to realize that you dont practice what you preach and may not respect your instructions as a result.

As a parent and their leader, its crucial that they see you putting into action what you want to pass on to them. That means eating your vegetables as well and not leaving anything on your plate if you demand the some of them.

Encourage Them To Try Everything

While its true that some people have a natural aversion to many foods, its important to teach kids that they should try something before ruling it out as something that they dont like. Try to teach them that the should take a courtesy bite of everything to see how they like it.

Once theyve determined that they dont like it by giving it a try, then they will know for sure. However, its important to teach them that they are closing their minds to something that they may potentially love otherwise.

Teach Them How To Read Labels

Knowing how to read nutritional labels is an important tool. There are many misconceptions about the information listed on food and as a result, many people are making uneducated nutritional choices.

Make sure that they know what serving sizes are and how many calories go into each. Often people assume a serving size means the entire package, but in many cases, there may be 3 to 4 servings in a single package and if you consume the whole thing you may just have eaten 4 times what you intended.

Involve Them In The Kitchen

Making your kids feel involved and enthusiastic about cooking with you in the kitchen is a great foundation for creating a healthy relationship with food.

When kids know how to cook and work with real whole foods rather than instant or frozen foods, they are setting themselves up for healthier choices in the future.