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Oct 02 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Choosing an eco-friendly car

Green living has become a lot easier to accomplish as time goes on and more companies are finally picking up what we have been asking for. Having a variety of products that you can use around the house that wont harm you or your loved ones, as well as do a job that is comparable to those with noxious chemicals, has been something we all hoped for. ...

Jul 31 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Using Natural Environments To Help With Unhealthy Situations

The green movement and naturally occurring environments are conceptually linked in parallel. When people say that they’re going green, essentially what they mean is that they want to figure out how to live in a sustainable way with their available environment. There are reasons to do this for the preservation of the natural aspect of the planet, and there are also reasons to do this for the purpose of healing from unhealthy situations. ...

Apr 19 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on A Look at the Ecological Effects of Diamond Mining

We all know that diamonds are pretty; very pretty… so pretty it hurts sometimes, but does anyone ever stop to think about the ecological impact of diamond mining and is there a more ecologically viable method? Well, yes, actually, but first let’s look at the facts of more conventional mining before we move onto how to do it in planet-conscious way. ...

Oct 26 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Great Things To Do In Rhyl

I’ve lived in the Denbighshire area of North Wales long enough now to be fully aware of the negative stereotypes and impressions people hold of Rhyl. Mention the town to the kids in school and they exchange snide smiles and giggles – despite many of them coming from and living in the area! Sadly, Rhyl is considered to be a ramshackle, down-and-out place, well past its heyday and associated with everything cheap, tacky and ruined. However, as I found this weekend,...