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Feb 22 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on 7 Tips on How to Make Moving Home as Eco Friendly as Possible

Moving home is stressful. No matter how much preparation goes into the big day, there’s always last minute jobs that need doing, problems that need fixing or lost items that need finding. From the financial strain to the physical logistics involved in moving home, very little thought goes into just how environmentally friendly the beginning of our new chapter may or may not be. Below are seven tips that aim to help you go green on your next move. ...

Sep 06 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Five pens that changed the world

While we might imagine the pen to be a relatively modern invention, it has existed for many hundreds of years. It is a device whose use has had an enormous effect on human history – perhaps more so than the wheel and the granary, and certainly more so than the sword – which, as we all know, is nowhere near as mighty. Here we will take a look at some of history’s most significant pens. ...

Aug 18 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Love Your Living Room Again!

I have never fully understood it when my mom gave me those when-you-become-a-mom lectures up until I had my own children. I prioritize my kids but that does that mean that I overlook other important things, especially around the house. ...

Aug 02 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Top Tips for Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

Ah, the bathroom- the room of the throne of the kings and queens of the homestead, where one goes to release the inner turmoil that has no doubt built up after a day of hard work, sweat, blood and questionable food choices. Also the place where tired muscles unwind in a bath of steamy hot water and bubbly goodness, releasing sweet fragrances and whatever else is advertised at the back of the bottle. ...

Jul 23 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Five Ways To Keep Your Home Clean, Green, And Bug Free

Everyone wants a healthy and clean house. When it comes to a clean home though you really need to pay attention to the ingredients of the stuff you’re using to clean it or you just may be making things worse. Some cleaners contain very harsh ingredients. ...

May 13 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Feeling The Pressure? Eight Ways To Simplify Your Life

When you have a family, you might feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you find it difficult to squeeze everything into a day, you need to take a step back and see what you can change. The fact of the matter is that stress is no good for you. Sure, being a parent can be difficult. That doesn’t mean that you need to struggle. There are many ways you can make your life easier than it is now. Here are just eight things you can do that...

Apr 28 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on How to prevent your home from becoming infested with termites

Your home is likely to be the biggest single financial investment you will make in your life, so you don’t want it to be compromised by a hoard of hungry termites. One colony of termites can consume just in excess of two linear feet of a 2×4 piece of pine in one year. This may not sound like a lot, but it is when it’s supporting the structure of your property. ...

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