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Nov 09 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Amazing Ways That You Can Make Your House a Family Home

When you embark on a journey of parenthood, there are many things that you say goodbye to. Usually, it’s glass furniture and sleep. After all, sticky fingers and a gorgeous glass television unit do not bode well. But, you get something so much better in return. You get a family. And nothing is more enjoyable than that. When you go into your journey as a parent, you start looking around your home and start to analyse whether your home is equipped for children. Cream carpets?...

Oct 28 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on 10 Tips and Ideas for Family Photography

When it comes to family, you want to capture special moments. What better way to do so than with photography? With a picture, you can remember a moment as it was. A photo is a perfect reminder to a particular day, event or age of your children. With photography, you can look back and cherish the special moments in your life. Family photography can be fun and exciting, especially when you consider special tips and tricks. Below are a few ideas to help you enjoy a day of family...

Oct 21 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Enlightened Ways To Prepare Your Family And Home For A New Arrival

As our families grow, the house in which we live might not be ideal. It may have been an excellent way to get a foot on the housing ladder when you first entered the housing market, but lack the space that a growing family demands. Many people were in the same position and faced a similar dilemma in the past. How can you find the room you need to accommodate everybody? There are two main options; to extend your home or to move house. Moving will give you everything you need if...

Oct 10 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Taking the Pain Out of Packing for a Property Move

Alongside divorce and bereavement, moving house is often said to be one of the most stressful things that people can do. One of the worst things about relocating to a new home is having to pack up all your belongings. However, the following simple tips should help to make this mammoth task that little bit easier. Give yourself plenty of time Flickr image  One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re getting ready for a property move is to leave their packing too late,...

Oct 09 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Packing Up Your Home to Move Abroad

Most of us have experienced the stress that is involved when we move from one home to another. But the stress can be increased and compounded when you are moving abroad. Preparing yourself for the move will greatly reduce the amount of stress involved, and it will also benefit you to use the services of a professional removal company. By using a company to move your belongings they can arrange all of the transport, as well as deal with any issues with clearing customs, which...

Oct 09 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Convert Your Garage On A Budget-It Can Be Done!

Photo by: Maggie.5150 via flickr Is your garage serving no purpose right now? Or perhaps your teenage wants a space of his or her own away from the bustle of the family? Then why not consider drafting services in Perth to help convert your garage into a new living or working space – all on a budget. While not high quality garage conversion is going to be dirt cheap, there are some savvy choices you can make that will help you save on costs. Best of all, you’ll be adding overall...

Oct 06 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Retirement Home

When it comes to deciding on a retirement community it’s not something you take lightly. After all, it’s a place you’ll be calling home for the next few years and for some, the rest of their lives. A lot of inquiring, researching and planning goes into the process of finding the ideal retirement home and you should never feel rushed or pressured into your decision making. The following are 5 helpful tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a retirement community....

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