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Aug 22 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Addicted Family Members: Relationship Tips And Coping Suggestions

If you have a family member that is struggling with drugs or alcohol (or addiction of any kind, really), then you know that maintaining a healthy relationship with an addict is not the easiest or most attainable goal. It is challenging to face your family members personal struggles, and watch them slowly tear themselves apart. ...

Feb 04 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Helping Family Members With Alcoholism

No matter what your personal take is on alcoholism, one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that helping family members out with it has a positive impact on everyone. People learn poor drinking habits fairly early on in life, and if they have any sort of a genetic or environmental disposition toward alcohol otherwise, that’s a recipe for long-term trouble. ...

Feb 23 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on 4 Weird Hobbies My Hubby Has

We all have different personalities, and so, it is only natural that we all enjoy doing different things. While some of us love to go for a run or hit the gym, others prefer to spend the morning cooking or engrossed in a good book. And, that’s fine. If everyone was the same, the world would be a very boring place. That’s why it’s great that there are so many different people with unusual interests and hobbies, like men, for example. It may sound odd, but so many men, like...

Dec 12 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on An Unusual Gift From My Parents

It’s a strange thing watching your parents get older; changing from the dependable responsible, strong adult, all seeing and all knowing to the more dependent cautious individual who shows frailty and forgetfulness. Lost for words I hadn’t really noticed the change but I guess it was hammered home to me after a recent discussion with them about what they want to happen when they die – particularly what they wanted for their funeral order of service! It sounds terribly...

Dec 05 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Feeling Sexy in Parenthood

Being a new mom isn’t always conducive to feeling sexy and attractive, but it is important for the new family that mom and dad keep that spark alive. Who says sexy and mom can’t be compatible? Motherhood is a huge adjustment It’s not easy. Diaper changing, regular feeds, baby puke over the shoulder, breasts transformed from sexy body parts to milk receptacles… Motherhood is a huge adjustment for all women, no matter how many books one reads or parenting classes one attends...

Dec 02 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Christmas Crackers: 6 of The Best Novelty Gifts For Him

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner and the shops are full of harassed looking people scurrying to get all their presents ahead of the big day. Whether you’re one of them (me!) or one of the smug ones who had it all wrapped up weeks ago, a little novelty factor always put’s the finishing touches on Christmas. Here’s a quick run-down of my favourite funny stocking fillers for the men in your life. Image Source: Mike Fleming Phone Charging...

Nov 25 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Top 5 Rules of Re-gifting

Re-gifting may be looked upon with scorn, but that’s just because people are jealous of those who can pull it off without being discovered. If you have something you hate, why not give it to someone who will treasure it? ...

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