How does your child’s school impact their upbringing?

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 10:48am by Susan

Research has shown that the childhood of an individual affects their adult life as well. Your family is the base from which your child will learn to deal with anxieties of life. Apart from home, school is the only place where your child will spend maximum time. School is the first place where your child will be away from you and in the middle of strange faces. The school will lay a foundation for the future of your child. This is why it is important to carefully to choose the school for your child.

Early Years

At the beginning, your child will be resistant to go to school, which will require you to ensure that the child is going to a school which has a friendly environment and is safe for your child. Get actively involved in the school and if possible, visit the school from time to time and volunteer to help wherever you can.  Talk to your child about the activities they do in school and the people your child is surrounded with. A school with a safe and child friendly environment will help the child adjust to new surroundings and accept the people around them.

Middle School

Middle school is relatively easier for the child since they are aware about the environment and the teachers present in the school. Communication is the key here. Constantly ask your child about the activities, friends, classes and teachers they are surrounded with. Try and lend a sympathetic ear whenever required. These are also the teenage years for your child. The school should provide emotional support and guidance at all stages for the child.

High School

This is the final phase of school which will shape the career of the child. During this period, be a friend for your child and learn about their interest in subjects and other activities. Do not criticize your child for their emotional and educational choices. The high school years have a significant impact on the future of the child. Every school should motivate the child to pursue their dreams and guide them towards their career goals.

Your child’s school will have a significant impact on the upbringing of the child. If the school offers a friendly yet disciplined environment, you will notice that the child is disciplined from an early age. In addition, the school should be open for conversation with the child; this will ensure that the child feels cared and loved. Northants Private School is one of the top private schools which offer the best facilities and unique learning environment for your child. The school understands its impact on the life and minds of the young souls; hence their approach is holistic and friendly. Northants Private School works to build a better tomorrow and to provide a safe and secure environment for every child. The private school is one of the top independent schools in terms of their curriculum and the approach towards education and learning.