Choosing an eco-friendly car

Posted on Oct 2 2017 - 9:42am by Susan

Green living has become a lot easier to accomplish as time goes on and more companies are finally picking up what we have been asking for. Having a variety of products that you can use around the house that wont harm you or your loved ones, as well as do a job that is comparable to those with noxious chemicals, has been something we all hoped for.

You can now find green household products that can do anything that their counterparts can, if not better when you consider they aren’t toxic for humans and poisonous to the environment. There have been many occasions that I have watched some dirty mixture of water and bleach go down the drain in a swirl and thought that there must be a better way. With a renewed interest in taking care of the planet as we take care of ourselves, ‘going green’ has more implications that just using an eco-friendly Windex. You can now find vacuums made entirely out of recycled material and you can have solar panels on your roof that charge your electric car. You can use cloth diapers instead of disposables, saving our massive and numerous landfills from the immense amount of dirty diapers we throw in them daily. There are many ways around the house, office and in all other aspects of your life to take into consideration the impact you are having, not just on our current world but in your children’s future as well. Every bag of trash we throw in a landfill, ever puff of exhaust our cars spit out, is something that our child is being handed to deal with. When they get to be older they are the ones who are going to adopt the problems of pollution, waste management and removal, and whatever other environmental factors are hitting us at that time.

This is why one of the biggest things you can do right now is to move from a fossil fuel powered vehicle to a hybrid or electric. With the surge in stores like Whole Foods and Target placing charging station right in front of parking spaces, you will no longer need to take time out of you day to find the nearest gas station. You can also get adapters to charge your cars at home from your regular electrical sockets, which is far easier and less expensive than filling up your tank with gas. Many of these vehicles come with outstanding safety ratings and include many options that will benefit all, such as 360degree cameras and pre-braking security systems, helping keep you and your family safer while on the road. By not using a car with a combustion engine you are part of the solution when it comes to air pollution, a problem plaguing many major cities and entire countries across the world. Smog has reached dangerous levels in many places, contributed to by the use of fossil fuel vehicles, and with every hybrid and electric car we put on the road it’s one less machine we have that takes away from clean air quality.