Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions are Available

Posted on Nov 8 2017 - 6:54pm by Susan

These days, being more sensitive to the environment is a must. We have already caused a lot of problems for Mother Nature and in many parts of the world, people have already felt the wrath. Therefore, even in simpler things like home repair or renovation, you need to use eco-friendly resources.

This is true when it comes to plumbing solutions. There are ways for you to change whatever you use for plumbing right now to make it more sensitive to the environment.

  • Water pipes. With the right size and material for water pipes, water pressure can be improved. This avoids leakage and waste. Find pipes that are relatively cheap but can still help reduce heat loss. Once heat is trapped inside, you won’t have to waste energy just to heat your water at home. 
  • Toilets. It sounds totally new, but eco-friendly toilets are available. They are also referred to as green toilets as they waste 20% to 60% less water compared with traditional models. Reducing water consumption is a good start in your effort to help save the environment.  
  • Taps. Choosing the best taps could help in significantly reducing water use. Modern tap models help in increasing pressure when releasing water, but there is less water going down the drain. They are also affordable. 
  • Showerheads. Traditional showerheads waste a lot of water. The moment you turn the shower on water will just keep on flowing, but you won’t use all of it. With eco-friendly showerheads, it is possible to reduce water flow from 2.5 gallons per minute to just 1.75. This is a huge reduction in the long run. Not only will your water bills decrease, you’ll also save energy. 
  • Outdoor water system. Lawns need to be well maintained. In the process, you are wasting a huge amount of water. In fact, maintaining lawns can consume 20% to 30% of the water used in most developed countries. With the help of eco-friendly outdoor water systems, you save a lot of water. You can still maintain the overall look of your lawn without necessarily wasting water. 

Ask for help

Switching to these eco-friendly versions is a huge help. You also need to hire the best plumber to start changing such items. There are a lot of plumbers who know about the best options so that you won’t harm the environment. If you check out Plumber Harrow, there is a guarantee that you will get someone who genuinely cares for the environment.

In short, we can contribute to saving the planet in many ways. Using plumbing systems that are eco-friendly is a good decision. You can gradually change your home and make it friendlier to the environment.

Image: (Gualberto107)