How to Embrace Green Living As An Expecting Mother

Posted on Dec 1 2016 - 8:53am by Susan

When you discover that you’re expecting a baby, there are a million emotions and thoughts that go through your head. You’re excited, you’re angry, you’re frustrated, you’re scared, you’re worried, you’re everything in the book. Immediately you think about the changes you’re going to have to make to be able to support the little bundle of life inside of you. No more alcohol, no more sushi or seafood, and no more reckless activities…at least for a while.


One thing that may or may not cross your mind is a green lifestyle. All of the products that you use on the daily contain harsh chemicals that could be very damaging to your baby’s development. This will mean that you have to change up some habits and lifestyle practices. If you’re curious as to how you can embrace green living as an expecting mother, here are some good places to start:

Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Even when you’re pregnant, the duties of life don’t stop calling. Things still need to be cleaned, and at this point, you’re probably concerned about the chemicals in your cleaning products, so an easy switch for green living while pregnant is to switch to natural cleaning products.

Use vinegar and baking soda based products and embrace citrus and apple cider vinegar and other natural products that actually do a better job of cleaning anyway. You’ll have to get in some comfy leggings and a baggy tunic that will allow you to jet around the house to get things done, but at least you can still clean knowing your baby is in good developmental health.


While formula is a good option for many people, if you want to embrace a green lifestyle for the benefit of you and your baby, opt to breastfeed and skip all of the cans of formula. The processed food is unhealthy, not to mention there is so much waste in all of the cans of formula you go through. When you have a natural supply right on hand, it’s best to use it, so don’t be afraid to breastfeed. It’s a simple way to go natural and green for the health of your child.

Think About Recyclable Products

Motherhood comes with a fair share of difficulties, so it might be challenging to do all the things you want to do right off the cuff to embrace green living. To help with the process, start thinking of things you can do from early on in your pregnancy. Could you use cloth diapers? Could you get in a habit of making your own baby food and skipping canned food altogether? It’s a lifestyle change, for sure, but if you go into it with the proper intentions and preparation, you should be able to handle whatever comes at you.