Lazy Tech: How to Raise Your Children to Avoid It

Posted on Aug 12 2017 - 5:15pm by Susan

As a parent, you always want the absolute best for your children. In 2017, where technology is growing in leaps and bounds and consistently being marketed to children it’s hard. As math and science make ways to do things easier and fit more in our day, it has an unwanted side effect on us, especially our children. It makes them lazy. They no longer have to work for the same things we did. Here are some things and ways of doing that you might help your children to avoid the complacency of technology.

Teach Them to Read Books

Reading is becoming a lost art. Yes, the majority of us are all taught to read in school and we can read well enough to live just fine. However, most of your child’s reading happens on a computer screen. Very rarely anymore will you see a child past the age of 8 or 9 curled up with a good book. Our teenagers are no longer taught to use a library with encyclopedias, history books and so on. They now research everything through the internet, which leaves most without the sense of accomplishment or pride and responsibility for all the work they put in, because it simply did not take as much.

Low Tech Toys

Kids, today, have so many options when it comes to toys and most revolve around growing advances in technology. Between all the options in gaming platforms, robotics, and mechanical toys, children are seldom challenged to think outside the box, because it has already been done for them. Introduce some low tech options such as wooden blocks, board games, or Legos. These toys will make them think for themselves and stretch the legs of their imagination.

Get Some Fresh Air

The advances we see in the toy world are awesome without a shadow of a doubt, but there is a balance and many parents have yet to find it. Children need time to play outdoors. The obesity rate in children was a rarity in the 60s and 70s. As our ability to advance the way our children play has grown, their desire to be outdoors has dwindled. Take them on a hike, run a 5k together, go swimming, build forts, or have fake wars in the woods.

Show and teach your kids how to have fun without the aid of technology. As much as anyone would hate to think there may come a day when we don’t have access to it anymore. What will they do then? Prepare them to excel in either scenario and that will be at least one thing, as a parent, you won’t have to worry about.