Looking To Create A Home Herb Garden – Then You Need These!

Posted on Dec 5 2016 - 9:12pm by Susan

With many people all over the world, now becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, and the effect that their purchases has ecologically speaking, a lot of those people are now turning to alternative methods. And that doesn’t just mean swapping out those old light bulbs for more environmentally friendly options. People the world over are now growing their own produce, and this includes herbs, for use in the kitchen.


Planters – The Perfect Solution:

It can be pretty tough to know where to start, when it comes to growing your own produce. How to get started, and the materials needed, is often a conundrum that simply puts a halt on the whole idea for a lot of people. Another thing that puts the skids under the idea is space – or lack thereof. However, all you really need is a little knowledge, freely available on the internet, and a “pot” to grow that produce in – a planter. The great thing about planters is, they come in a range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours. There really is something for everyone, even where space is at a premium.

The Self Contained Solution:

Another massive benefit to using planters is the fact that everything is contained within the planter itself. The plant, its roots, all of the soil (or compost), and any nutritional matter you may add in, are all self contained. This means no digging outside in the soil, and really, very little maintenance required.

Planters – Even For Apartments:

A major portion of the population now live in apartment blocks, and you would be forgiven for thinking that, other than having allotments, that gardening or produce growing would not be possible. Well, with planters, these people can now grow a wide range of their own herbs or whatever else they may desire, all indoors, or even on their windowsills. As previously stated, if space is at a premium, this really is not an issue, as planters can be got in a range of sizes and shapes. But of course, there may also be a specific requirement for a more custom planter, and these can be obtained also.

What Can I Grow Indoors?

Really, they sky is the limit as to what you can produce yourself – even in an apartment. So, everything from Bell Peppers, to Radishes, Herbs to Salad Greens, and even oranges, can be grown indoors. Of course, oranges need tons of sunlight for growth, so this may be more geographically restricted. But generally, you can grow pretty much all you would ever need for a salad, for example, all indoors. There is nothing quite like the pay off at the end, having watched and tended to your produce throughout it’s growth, to then experiencing the taste of your own, home grown produce. It really is very special, and once you have done it once, you will be hooked, and will become addicted to the experience of producing your own herbs etc.