Maintaining Your Traveller’s Lifestyle after Having Kids

Posted on Dec 14 2015 - 4:56pm by Susan


I can throw a number of clichés your way about how having children effectively equates to the end of your dreams, a serious alteration of your goals, and a seismic shift in your priorities and responsibilities. I can also tell you about how the reality of having children makes for a period in your life during which pretty much your main concern is raising your children and just making sure they’re okay, but all of this would just make being a parent sound like a serious drag. Don’t get me wrong, as much as any parent loves their kids to bits and would literally move heaven and earth for them, convention does tend to tell us that our dreams need to take the backseat when kids come into our lives, don’t they? Travellers in particular find themselves travelling less and less as growing kids take centre-stage in their lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having children never has to signal the end of your dream, especially if it’s a traveller’s dream from which you wake up each morning or wander off into when deep in thought. One cliché that I will hit you with however is that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, so if you’re a traveller at heart, chances are your children will also enjoy the experience of travelling. People who are serious about making their travels happen no matter what will even find a way to travel with their infants and toddlers, bringing them up as young travellers who are exposed to the vast world from a very early age.

To keep your traveller’s dream alive in spite of having kids however, two considerations come to mind as matters which need to be addressed, namely finances and your children’s education.


Life as a travelling family still needs to be supported, whether you’re on the road for long stretches or if you travel every now and again. A change in career might be in order, because it would appear to be a bit impractical to be stuck in a cubicle for eight hours every single day. Fortunately though working remotely is something which is catching on, the world over, in a very big way, so there are plenty of opportunities to not only work online, but ideally carve out an online business that pays you passively and also affords you the luxury of living out your dream as a traveller.


Your children’s education is equally as important, but if your kids grow up as travellers, getting grounded in one school for their entire school careers probably won’t be all that enticing. Supplementary education programmes such as Kumon would probably make for the best fit by way of a frequently travelling child’s education, quite simply because this international-class model of education pretty much equips kids with the skills to expand their knowledgebase to the point where they can very easily transition into a life of working on the road and creating income opportunities in that way.

Once your finances are sorted out and your kid’s education while travelling is suitably catered for, there’s no reason to kill your traveller’s dream and then blame your shattered dreams on having had children.