Using Your Local Advantage to Reduce Living Expenses

Posted on Oct 16 2017 - 9:57am by Susan

I find it quite ironic how you can be at the duty-free mall of an airport like our very own Heathrow and find some people from the parts of the world where some Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) takes place who actually buy the finished product for a lot more than what they would have paid for it had they bought it back home. Brand names are no different – many of these have their products manufactured in places like China, yet residents of China will travel across oceans to buy those same items at retail price.

I know, I know, there’s the argument that people work very hard for the money they make and so they should be rightfully at liberty to do with it as they please and spend it how they want, but there are clever ways of spending and there are not-so-clever ones. Besides, this is indeed a blog of which a very big part is about getting the most value for every penny you spend, otherwise the typical reader who thinks like those brand-conscious individuals discussed would likely be on another blog right now, like those which discuss all the latest and greatest fashion trends and yes, designer brands.

Your local advantage is in a sense your birthright, or perhaps it could be better described to be a citizen’s right. Either way, if you’re not using your local advantage to reduce your living expenses then you’re really missing out on a much higher quality of life you could rather have been enjoying.

It all starts with buying and sourcing locally, the absolute example of which is something like growing apples in your backyard if you have the knowledge that you live in a region which produces some of the best apples for miles around. Time goes by in a flash and you shouldn’t think about how long something like growing an apple tree is going to take. Plant the seeds and take it from there, one day at a time.

The next best thing (sticking with the renowned region for apple growing) is to simply buy your produce locally. For example, buy apples from the local farmer’s market to squeeze your own pure apple juice – I mean how much fresher can it get?

So it isn’t just with physical goods that this can be applied. It can be applied to services as well. If you live in Boise for example, your best bet in getting the services of a law firm would be that of using a local one – one which caters to that specific locale.

It took becoming a mum for me to realise just how shallow chasing international brands can be really, especially since luxury and comfort are two very nice things to have which are often mistaken for “anything expensive”. I mean sure, buy some products and services sourced globally only if you can’t find them locally, otherwise the closer you source anything which makes up part of your living expenses, generally the lower your living expenses will be.