Using Natural Environments To Help With Unhealthy Situations

Posted on Jul 31 2017 - 12:37am by Susan

The green movement and naturally occurring environments are conceptually linked in parallel. When people say that they’re going green, essentially what they mean is that they want to figure out how to live in a sustainable way with their available environment. There are reasons to do this for the preservation of the natural aspect of the planet, and there are also reasons to do this for the purpose of healing from unhealthy situations.

In other words, sometimes promoting natural or green solutions to social or environmental problems is a natural tendency for problem solvers. Consider things like addiction recovery, dealing with a bad breakup, getting out of trouble with friends, and removing yourself from situations where there is a lot of noise pollution. In each of those situations, the use of the natural environment can help either relieve stress or even completely fix the situation.

Addiction Recovery

For anyone who has dealt with alcohol or drug addiction, you are aware that environment plays a huge factor in the recovery process. If you have a choice, go to a rehab facility that has the most natural environment possible. For proponents of environmentalism and the green movement, it makes sense that rehab facilities that have the highest success rates are often going to be the places that most closely associated with nature. Think about a rehab facility that is near a forest and an ocean. The calming factor of the environment in balance with itself can have a huge positive effect on a person going through withdrawals or anxiety.

Bad Breakups

Going through a breakup can be one of the most painful experiences that you ever have. If you read emotional recovery stories that people are willing to share, you’ll often find a parallel between getting better and getting out in nature. With the distractions of modern commercial and industrial environments, it can be hard to really break through and find your own thoughts in the mix. By using a natural environment such as a field, a forest, or body of river as a focus point, you can find a meditation point and balance within yourself that might be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Trouble With Friends

If you are having social trouble with your friends, taking a walk in nature can reduce your anxiety as well. You can either go on this trip with your friends or with a different group of people. One of the great things about this is that short day trips out into nature often have no actual cost. It’s free to go hiking in the woods for a few hours with your friends, and when you’re away from all of the typical distractions that you run into, you may find that you have better conversations.

Getting Away From Noise Pollution

And finally, noise pollution is a huge stressor. If you find that you just can’t relax, the simple way to get out of that unhealthy situation and into a more balanced one is to get away from cities or the causes of all of the audio clutter. It usually doesn’t even have to take a lot of distance between yourself and some noisy environment to begin to relax and think more clearly.