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Aug 24 2018
by Susan |
Comments Off on What Students Need to Know to Thrive in College

Going to college is quite a change compared to one’s life until that moment. Being one of the biggest changes in life, it is reasonable that it carries many concerns and raises numerous questions. It’s a trip to the unknown and usually one you go through by yourself. Some are lucky to have their friends join them in the same uni or at least same area. Regardless, it a huge change in your daily life and everything you’ve been used to until now. It’s time to forget your...

Mar 02 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on How Your Kids Interact With Technology

There is a lot of room on the Web for distractions, and kids are prone to it more than ever. Studies show that elevated Web usage among children can cause obesity and typically leads to feelings of apathy, impacting a child’s social development. The occasional game here or there is fine–and kids will need to use computers in school–but keeping them grounded in the real world is a crucial aspect of child development. ...

Jan 05 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Common Core State Standards: Helping Teachers and Parents Give Students a Better Educational Experience

As the world shifts towards new innovations and concepts, it becomes apparent that a higher demand of education is necessary for younger generations to keep up with the trends. Colleges and businesses are demanding more from students and prospective employees and as such, students must be prepared. To ensure that the majority of students are ready to succeed in the world after high school, Common Core State Standards have been introduced. These standards provide a clear and precise...

Jan 01 2015
by Susan |
Comments Off on Great Books for Teens

Unless it’s Tweets or Facebook posts, kids just don’t do a lot of reading these days. Why should they, when they can entertain themselves with social media sites, games consoles and mobile phones, all of which require less effort than the old fashioned book?   As a high school English teacher, the most common question I get asked at Parents’ Evening is: how can I help improve my child’s literacy? There are several answers to this question. Firstly, checking their...

Nov 12 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Can Learning Magic Tricks Improve Your Child’s Social Skills?

Image: Steven Depolo If your child is shy and finds it hard to be social with others, there are many ways to boost his or her confidence. Some children find integrating with others difficult. It’s not a failing on your part if your child is a little antisocial. Some children take a little longer to find their feet than others. The problem is that if your child gets into the habit of being reclusive, he or she will struggle to create lasting bonds with others. A child’s...

Nov 09 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on How To Bring Kids’ Homework To Life

When we are trying to help our kids learn something new, it is always a struggle to make it memorable. Helping kids with school work can be tedious and boring. It’s so easy to forget children need to go at a slower and more detailed pace than we need to. When we have to learn the topic too, it can make things easier, because we can think about how we are going to remember the information later on. Try having a themed day to help the memory.  Helping your kids learn about anything...