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Oct 18 2018
by Susan |
Comments Off on Nipping-and-Tucking More Affordably and Naturally

Beyond the original horseracing reference associated with the term, a nip-tuck refers to just a little bit of cosmetic surgery, often involving just a little bit of plastic surgery too. While we are indeed using the term in its cosmetic surgery capacity, it’s perhaps a bit of an overstatement referring to what I’m discussing today as real nipping-and-tucking. ...

Oct 09 2018
by Susan |
Comments Off on Beauty, what is it?

We’ve all got our own definitions of beauty. After all, if we all found the same physicality’s attractive, then there would be a lot of lonely people. However, despite our individual preferences, if you were to travel from one country to the next you would quickly discover that every culture has got their own opinion. From the shape of your mouth and eyes, to the complexion of your skin; no country views beauty the same way. ...

Jul 24 2018
by Susan |
Comments Off on Can you have dental implants If you have gum disease?

If you have gum disease, you will need to get it treated before gaining access to dental implants. This is so you can reduce the risk of the implant not being taken by your teeth and gums. If you have advanced gum disease which has led to gum recession or bone loss your chances of getting dental implants are much less likely. ...

Aug 01 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on When a Family Member Has an Addiction Problem

Any person who has ever had a family member with an addiction problem knows how painful it can be. And the pain can be long-term as well, which is why it’s important to consider all of the possible solutions to the situation. Addiction can be genetic, environmental, or based on social conditions, so some combination of looking at all three is usually your best bet. ...

Jun 17 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Brantano – An Unlikely Support-Source for Cancer Patients

This post will feature a little bit of a different spin on what it means to “Go Green,” but one which I’m happy to discuss all the same, even though my search for some “going green” inspiration online was initially fuelled by the regular meaning (or the meaning consistent with this blog). In this particular instance going green involves a shoe retailer, a popular one at that because of their wide variety of brands, styles, designs and sizes. ...

Jun 06 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Healthy Families On A Budget: 3 Ways To Live Green

Too often, getting healthy is associated with a lot of financial outlay – gym memberships, pricy organic food, athletic equipment, and more, and if youve got a family, multiply those costs a few times over. Luckily, it doesnt have to be that way. There are lots of easy ways for your family to to get fit and eat healthy without spending a ton of money. ...

Feb 16 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Common Body Growths that Weird People Out the Most

The human body is both a beautiful and gross thing. One moment you could be admiring the fit form of an attractive man or woman, the next, you could recognize that weird growth protruding out of an orifice of their body and all the previous admiration turns to a wave of disgust. ...

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