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Aug 12 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Lazy Tech: How to Raise Your Children to Avoid It

As a parent, you always want the absolute best for your children. In 2017, where technology is growing in leaps and bounds and consistently being marketed to children it’s hard. As math and science make ways to do things easier and fit more in our day, it has an unwanted side effect on us, especially our children. It makes them lazy. They no longer have to work for the same things we did. Here are some things and ways of doing that you might help your children to avoid the...

Feb 06 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Getting pregnant through living an ecological lifestyle

We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are staples of living well and attending to our physical needs. But what exactly does an ecologically friendly lifestyle entail? What kind of practical actions might lead to the amelioration of the planet’s and your own health? Is it merely a matter of eating foods that are not processed, forgoing cars and riding a bike to work? Or is there more to it than that? ...

Oct 25 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Tips For Battling The Baby Blues The Natural Way

The excitement of having a baby can be such a monumental build-up of anticipation, excitement, and finally, celebration.  After such a rush, many mothers find themselves in an inexplicable decrescendo of sadness.  New mothers may battle juggling between sadness paired with guilt for not being over the moon for their new bundle of joy.  It’s called: “The Baby Blues” or “Postpartum Blues.”  Follow these tips to help curb any baby blues that may sneak their way up on...

Sep 28 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on 2 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Children to Be Cultured and Value Art

As the times change, so too do parenting styles and priorities. Since the world looks so different from what it looked like, say, during the turn of the century, or back when there were no cars or internet, one can only expect that the way that people interact with one another and live would be different as well. Well, it is. Many changes have been for the better. It’s a good thing that people don’t feel the need to wear powdered wigs and that they bathe more than once a year,...

Aug 24 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Tips For Teaching Your Child The Difference Between Right And Wrong

One of the most important lessons any parent can teach their child is how to understand the difference between right and wrong. From teaching them how to treat other people, not to talk to strangers, and that drugs are bad, to teaching them how to say please and thank you. These are important things that everyone needs to learn in order to be both kind and respectable people, as well as learning to stay safe in this crazy world. ...

Aug 20 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on 3 Ways To Help Your Infant Sleep Better at Night

When you’ve got a new little one at home, sleep become a precious commodity for both you and your bundle of joy. And although babies require a lot of sleep in their early months, it can at times seem like nothing you do is helping your baby to fall asleep or get restful sleep. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can try that will help your baby to sleep better at night and, in turn, help you get some quality shut-eye as well. To show you how, here are three ways you can help...

Aug 09 2016
by Susan |
Comments Off on Motherhood Tips For Getting Ready When You Have No Time

Having and raising children is a beautiful thing, but it comes with its fair share of hard work. In fact, motherhood and rearing children is some of the hardest work anybody can face in life, but it’s also one of the most fulfilling jobs. Even in the hardest of circumstances, a mother will rarely say that having children wasn’t worth it. You might lose countless hours of sleep, you might find yourself covered with unmentionable substances, and you might find yourself having...

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