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Oct 11 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on The Ultimate Day Out Survival Kit For Any Modern Family

Image: David Amsler We love going on day trips as a family. Exploring new places and going to attractions is a great way to bond as a family. When you go to see things alone, you can travel light. When you are on a trip as a family, you need to take a whole range of items to make sure that you get through the day without any fuss. When you’re planning a day trip, make sure you take the essentials. If you have small children, you need to make sure that you have everything...

Oct 08 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Crazy Idea! Hiking Kilimanjaro with the Family!

Family vacations are a way for every member of your family to spend time together and have memories that will last a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a family vacation each and every year, you know how fun it can be to spend time with family members. To take your family vacation a step further, why not step out of your normal comfort zone and do something crazy? Many families go to the beach or travel to the mountains for a vacation, but why not do something different?...

Oct 06 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Retirement Home

When it comes to deciding on a retirement community it’s not something you take lightly. After all, it’s a place you’ll be calling home for the next few years and for some, the rest of their lives. A lot of inquiring, researching and planning goes into the process of finding the ideal retirement home and you should never feel rushed or pressured into your decision making. The following are 5 helpful tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a retirement community....

Oct 02 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Surviving the Kids: How to do Nights in, in Style

Between work life, home life and housework, and the children, it can be hard for busy parents to find time for each other, let alone maintain a social life.  While couples may once have enjoyed nights out with each other – perhaps a fancy dinner, a night at the cinema or theatre, or a cheeky weekend away – the arrival of children can often spell the end of “us time”; after all, money may be tighter, and babysitters aren’t always forthcoming.  However, there is absolutely...

Sep 24 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on 3 Great Apps for the DIY Mom

All moms will be familiar with the feeling of looking around your living room, or your kitchen, or even your bedroom, and thinking maybe if I moved the couch to the far end of the room, my kids will have more room to play… but where would I put the ottoman? Many moms will be content with the seasonal switch, changing the drapes and the table runners, pillows and throws. Others, however, will want to do more, turning projects into full-scale DIY renovations! Of course, you might...

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