Write for us

As much as I (and Colin – under duress, at least!) may rate my own posts, I’m nowhere near arrogant enough to think my content is the Holy Grail of green living, and so would seriously welcome any guest posts any parents/writers/fellow bloggers would like to contribute to my site.

So cute…until Esme tries to eat the pieces and Lily takes it personally!

My blog posts, although largely based on green living, include quite a diverse range of topics, and I am more than happy to consider any ideas for guest posts you may have, however quirky or original you feel they may be.

Basically, if you like our blog enough to write for us, I’m flattered, and would be more than happy to review anything you send over, and my email is: susan@greenmummy.co.uk

A valiant effort to get 5-a-day into their tummies!

Obviously, as an English teacher, it would drive me pretty mental if your writing isn’t generally accurate, so please do your best with this! And, again, I don’t mean to be teaching a grandmother to suck eggs, but I’d like any article you send for review to be 100% original, lively and interesting to read. Bore-fests need not bother!

The topics below seem to be the most common on parenting blogs, but, as mentioned previously, I’m open to suggestions:

  • Anything related to green living
  • Days out for families / children / couples
  • Activities at home with children
  • Education
  • Hobbies, arts and crafts
  • Relationships
  • Holidays
  • Health, fitness and nutrition
  • Household DIY tips
  • Travel (a little self-indulgent as this is more my area of interest than possibly my readers’!)

Why Write for Green Mummy?

I guess writing for Green Mummy will give you a larger platform to get your thoughts and opinions out there and viewed by a larger audience.

I have a fairly large audience who visit my site after finding me via one of the numerous mum and parenting networks I’ve joined, and through various search engines.

Furthermore, I have a pretty large following on both Twitter and Facebook, so your articles will reach a pretty big audience immediately.

Finally, according to my last check on Google Analytics, my blog was receiving an average of 170 visitors  per day, and about a little over 5000 a month. Of these visitors, roughly 2200 are unique.