Sep 24 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on 3 Great Apps for the DIY Mom

All moms will be familiar with the feeling of looking around your living room, or your kitchen, or even your bedroom, and thinking maybe if I moved the couch to the far end of the room, my kids will have more room to play… but where would I put the ottoman? Many moms will be content with the seasonal switch, changing the drapes and the table runners, pillows and throws. Others, however, will want to do more, turning projects into full-scale DIY renovations! Of course, you might...

Sep 23 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on An Alarm Clock That Will Wake You Up With a Cup of Coffee

In today’s society, we all want everything NOW. When it is mealtime, we rely on Fast Food so we can eat quickly. When we shop, we use a debit card for a quick transaction. Mobile phones are used for texting so we can communicate in seconds rather than actually speaking on the telephone. We all live in a fast-paced world and are used to modern conveniences in our everyday life. With new technology being created on a daily basis, there are always new and exciting gadgets to make...

Sep 19 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on How to Use Plants to Decorate Your Kitchen

  Kitchen decorating can go in a plethora of different directions. From wall hangings to paintings to intricate light fixtures, there are so many different design options for the kitchen, but have you thought about using plants? When it comes to decorating your kitchen, maybe all you need is just a few plants to liven up the room and give it a pop of colour. Check out these awesome tips for using plants to decorate your kitchen. Colour and contrast When matching plants and...

Sep 10 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on The 7 Deadly Sins of Moving House

Moving into a new house can be really exciting. A new home is a fresh start; you can redecorate in a new style, invest in a few creative accessories and create a space for you and your family that is cozy, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Who am I kidding? Moving house is the biggest pain in the arse imaginable, and it’s no wonder it’s something like the third most stressful thing on the Top 10 Most Stressful Things to Experience in Your Life (behind bereavement and...

Aug 14 2014
by Susan |
Comments Off on Top Tips for Online Dating

Online dating has completed revolutionised how people meet and how relationships begin and develop, and has done so possibly for the better. Colin and I never met on a dating website; we met smashed out of our faces in a bar nearly a decade ago. We had no idea of each other’s hobbies and interests, family backgrounds, level of education, occupations, etcetera, etcetera. We didn’t know if the other was a psychotic murderer with bodies buried under their patio, never mind their...

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