Oct 31 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Why Timber Beats Wrought Metal for Your Pergola

Whether you want to create a shaded walkway or a place for your climbing plants to thrive, a pergola will make an excellent addition to your outside space. Of course, there are plenty of factors you’ll need to consider, and one of the most important is whether to opt for metal or timber. ...

Oct 26 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Rising to the Challenge: Enjoying Your Vacation with Teenagers

Being a teenager can be tough and parenting them is certainly a challenge at times which can mean taking a vacation with them while they are still under your guidance can be stressful. ...

Oct 16 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Using Your Local Advantage to Reduce Living Expenses

I find it quite ironic how you can be at the duty-free mall of an airport like our very own Heathrow and find some people from the parts of the world where some Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) takes place who actually buy the finished product for a lot more than what they would have paid for it had they bought it back home. Brand names are no different – many of these have their products manufactured in places like China, yet residents of China will travel across oceans...

Oct 02 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Choosing an eco-friendly car

Green living has become a lot easier to accomplish as time goes on and more companies are finally picking up what we have been asking for. Having a variety of products that you can use around the house that wont harm you or your loved ones, as well as do a job that is comparable to those with noxious chemicals, has been something we all hoped for. ...

Sep 20 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on 3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat More Veggies

Wanting to get your kids to have a proper diet is something that most parents hope for.  However, it can be a struggle when kids don’t have developed palettes yet, or throw a fuss when they see anything green put on the table in front of them. ...

Sep 05 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Keeping Your Kitchen Clean, Top To Bottom, In and Out

As far as your home life goes, you probably spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen. And from that, it makes sense that you would want to keep this one of the cleanest and most organized places in your household. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case. If you find yourself frustrated with your kitchen cleanliness, it’s time to take control. ...

Aug 22 2017
by Susan |
Comments Off on Addicted Family Members: Relationship Tips And Coping Suggestions

If you have a family member that is struggling with drugs or alcohol (or addiction of any kind, really), then you know that maintaining a healthy relationship with an addict is not the easiest or most attainable goal. It is challenging to face your family members personal struggles, and watch them slowly tear themselves apart. ...

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