Staying Healthy the Way Mother Nature Intended

Posted on Dec 16 2015 - 10:15am by Susan

While there are naturally a lot of conflicting studies around the need to take certain supplements, a closer look at some of the more organic and natural supplements reinforces the view that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to staying healthy and facilitating the healing process if needs be. Granted, there are a number of micro-nutrients your body needs which you otherwise can’t really get from the normal range of foods we eat today, such as the iodine which is otherwise included in iodated salt. Still, when it comes to staying healthy and even healing however, Mother Nature knows best.


Mother Nature’s ultimate lesson in staying healthy is that of everything in existence becoming more effective when its synthetic, preservative-laden layers are peeled off and it is taken right back to its most original, organic and natural state. Put quite simply; the more natural it is, the healthier it is for you.

Natural Health Supplements and Products

All the advancements in modern medicine and associated medical procedures still lend themselves to an unsatisfactory look back at the past. When we look back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, they still outlived the average modern day adult and they didn’t have the conveniences of modern day medicine. We can enter into an endless debate about whether or not the big drug manufacturing companies are “all-in” with the cures they churn out at hefty costs or we can turn right back to Mother Nature in hope of staying healthy or curing ourselves in the most organic and natural ways possible; within reason of course. Ponder this; the hemp plant-family which is infamous for producing the marijuana leaf also grows as another plant-variation which has a range of health and healing benefits. This growth variation casts a light on hemp as a miracle plant, with perhaps a wider set of health and lifestyle benefits the big drug manufacturers would rather have you not know about. We’re not trying to provoke the entertainment of conspiracy theories here, but I mean if you look at a range of CBD products (cannabidiol) produced from a substance which naturally occurs in hemp, you’ll start to question the reasons behind the widespread legislation generally opposing the legal production of one of nature’s most complete supplements. Organic CBD oils, capsules, cosmetics, and a very wide range of other CBD products have been shown to have healing properties effective against diseases such as epilepsy and cancer, while also fighting off discomforts such as chronic pain, migraines, inflammation, arthritis, spasms and many more.

There are many other health supplements and healing products which remain closer to their most organic and original state than mass lab-produced remedies, but what we can learn from taking a closer look at the various CBD products available is that we should strive to supplement our health using the purest and most natural ingredients possible. There is just no way a carefully blended juice made of nothing but natural ingredients could ever have the same possible side-effects as some of those lab-produced medicines and supplements do so extensively. We’re not suggesting you cut your GP out of your life for good, but it’s simply a case of natural prevention and maintenance being better than synthetically engineered cures. Just try to remain as natural as possible with your health and beauty supplements and you’ll be in for a whole new world of safe, inexpensive and effective health and lifestyle benefits.