Why Waste Time on Waste Removal? Call the Experts, Waste Express

Posted on Oct 12 2018 - 8:25pm by Susan

Find yourself spending more time thinking about your clutter than actually dealing with it? You’re not alone.

Why do households and businesses put off waste removal?

There are all sorts of reasons for not getting round to waste removal. Perhaps these sound familiar? Lingering affection for that item of clothing that you haven’t worn for years; not wanting to get rid of that old fridge over concern for the environment; and simply getting the energy together to sort through items that have become surplus to requirements. After doing all that, there’s often little enthusiasm for taking the load to be recycled or reused.

And so, if you’re familiar with the syndrome that involves a stack of black rubbish bags living by your back door for weeks until you can get to recycling, it’s perhaps time to try a different approach.

Don’t leave waste removal any longer than you need

Whether you’re dealing with a stack of stuff at home, or worrying about the residue from your small business, make dealing with waste removal part of your regular routine. Here’s how.

At home, have you discovered hotspots where your clutter and rubbish tends to build up? Garages are notorious for this, as are garden sheds. Typically, households stuff old cardboard boxes and containers, bags and broken items into sheds and garages until they become receptacles for rubbish rather than the useful buildings they should be. It’s not unknown to find an old 3-piece suite lurking in the garage, perhaps one that was replaced years ago by a chic new sofa.

Small businesses, too, tend to have locations where waste from deliveries get dumped. Bags of packaging material, boxes, wrapping and paper – it accumulates in an astonishingly short space of time. If you’re a sole trader you have a lot on your mind and understandably dealing with this kind of debris is not a priority.

Give yourself a much-needed pat on the back if you’ve got to the stage where you at least know what your unwanted items are and where they’re located. That’s the first step towards doing something about them!

Waste removal eats into your precious time

Time is money, so the saying goes. But time is much more than this. Time is enjoyable experiences with friends and family and not missing out on important events. To paraphrase a well-known saying: no-one says “I wish I’d spent more time in a car full of cardboard stuck in a traffic queue on my way to the recycling centre.”

The great news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your concern for the environment, nor do you need to lose any more time jumping on cardboard in the rain.

You can have your waste collected from both home or your business address anywhere in the UK by a company that can have one of its drivers with you within two hours. That company is Waste Express.

Sounds good, but you aren’t available on weekdays?

Waste Express is a 7-day week business. Simply give them a call and arrange a time to suit you. The company can collect waste from anywhere as long as it’s safe to collect. All types of waste including garden, domestic, fly-tipped and electrical items are tackled quickly and efficiently. The company is fully compliant for electrical items and will provide a Waste Removal Transfer Note for these.

So you can relax with a clear conscience, knowing that all your rubbish has been dealt with responsibly while you get some time and space to enjoy your life again.